How Mobile Mediation Works with PC Mac Ipad Iphone Android Devices – June 27, 2013 Webinar – 34-min Video

During this webinar, Giuseppe Leone, project manager of the ACR Hawaii online mediation project Virtual Mediation Lab, shows how parties:

  • Can now participate in an online mediation not only with a PC or Mac, but also with their Ipad, Iphone, Android smart phone
  • Can have joint and private sessions – as they do in face-to-face mediation
  • Can share online virtually any kind of information: pictures, pdf documents (e.g. invoices, estimates, payment receipts), Excel worksheets (e.g. to simulate what-if scenarios), websites, videos, Powerpoint presentations, wp documents, and an online whiteboard (e.g. to write up an Agreement Draft or the agenda for the next online or face-to-face mediation session)

Leone also explains why in online mediation:

  • Mediation skills and experience are far more important than technology
  • Parties behave differently than when they participate in a face-to-face mediation
  • Mediators need to master whatever software they use

Thank you to the following mediators who participated in this webinar, and agreed to video record it for the benefit of all other mediators who are interested in our project Mobile Mediation (we welcome their feedback, comments and suggestions).

  • Carol – Trinidad and Tobago
  • Greg – England
  • Maria Eugenia – Argentina
  • Paul – Ireland