Seeking 3 ADR/ODR Students for Simulation of a Mobile Mediation of Typical Roommate Case

Now that we have already shown 4 examples of Mobile Mediation, we would like to demonstrate another innovative use of Mobile Mediation: for mediating online a typical roommate case — e.g. “messy living room”.

Therefore, we are looking for 3 ADR/ODR students interested to participate in an online simulation in which:

  • The mediator will have a PC, Mac or Ipad
  • The 2 roommates will have an Ipad, Iphone, or Android device. That way, using the mobile device in his or her hand, one roommate could, for example, actually “show” to the online mediator how messy the roommates’ room looks like.

ADR/ODR students interested to participate in our simulation are expected to meet these requirements:

  • An email address ending in “.edu”
  • A PC/Mac and/or a mobile device: Ipad, Iphone, Android
  • Fast Internet connection

In addition,

  • The student interested to play the online mediator’s role is required to have some mediation experience
  • When students sign up, they are expected to suggest a script/roleplay for the simulation they would like to participate in

Participation: FREE

When and How
Our simulation:

  • Will require 15-20 minutes for discussing the script/role-play of the case that we’ll simulate
  • Will take place at 6:00am Hawaii Time — to convert Hawaii Time into a different time zone click here
  • Will last 30-60 minutes
  • Will require — at the mediator’s discretion — joint and/or private sessions with the 2 roommates
  • Will be followed by a 15-min chat with all 3 students, to hear their feedback and comments about their first experience with Mobile Mediation
  • Will be video recorded, and its video will be posted on our website, as another example of innovative use of Mobile Mediation

Online Application Form
ADR/ODR students interested to participate in our simulation can fill out this online application form.

Giuseppe Leone