Which NAFCM Community Mediation Centers Will Participate for the First Time in Online Mediation Simulations with PC Mac and Mobile Devices

With the collaboration of 3 NAFCM community mediation centers, this month will start showing why online mediation is useful not only to the parties, but also to new and experienced community mediators.

Why? Because it allows them to practice and improve their skills by participating in online mediation simulations with other mediators — either from the same mediation center or from different mediation centers, where perhaps they have more experience with a particular kind of disputes.

The NAFCM community mediation centers who will participate in our online mediation simulations are:

Connected with their PC, Mac, Ipad, Iphone or Android devices, their mediators will participate in the online mediation of commercial, family, or workplace discrimination cases.

Their experience will then be presented and discussed in a NAFCM webinar on online mediation, which will be held later this year.