Why a Skeptical Face-to-Face Mediator Changed Her Mind About Online Mediation After Our 1-Hour Training

On September 18, 2013, seven ACR (Association for Conflict Resolution) Chicago members participated in our 1-hour “Learn to Mediate Online with PC Mac and Mobile Devices” training 

After the training, we asked participants to give us their feedback by taking a quick online survey. Here are the answers of one participant.

Question 1 – About This Training – What did you like the most – or the least – about this training? What did you learn? Did something surprise you? Her answer:

Going into the training I was skeptical of online mediation, but this training left me feeling more intrigued by the potential. The thing that caught my attention the most was the advantage of parties having the security and safety of being at home. The convenience factor had occurred to me, but the idea of mediation going better because participants were in their comfortable, safe place had not.

Question 2 – About Online and Mobile Mediation – Has this training changed your previous views about Online and Mobile Mediation? If so, how? Are you now more – or less – interested in online and mobile mediation than your were before attending this training? Her answer:

I am definitely more interested than I was before. I was interested to learn that online mediation can be a supplement to in-person mediation, not a full replacement. I also like the idea of utilizing online meetings in the beginning to build rapport, since the client can interact with the mediator on a more in depth level than by phone or email.

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