Zoom – Our Preferred Video Collaboration Software for Online and Mobile Mediation – in 60 Seconds

When in January 2012 we launched Virtual Mediation Lab to help mediators around the world practice online their mediation skills, learn to mediate online and discover how to integrate face-to-face and online mediation, we used Skype Premium.

Not anymore.

To find out why for all our training and online mediation simulations we now use Zoom (Pro version)

  • Read Can Online Videoconferencing Tools Help the Mediation Process? – an article written by Teresa F. Frisbie, director of the Loyola University Chicago School of Law Dispute Resolution Program
  • Sign up for our 2-hour Training in Online Mediation, based on Giuseppe Leone’s experience running hundreds of online mediation simulations with mediators from 30 countries, and mediating online US Postal Service workplace cases like this, with the online mediator in Hawaii, one party in Guam, and the other party in Washington DC.

United States Postal Service Online Mediation